Cook Family
Born in Kentucky, raised in Ohio, and educated in West Virginia, Dr. Steve
Cook is certainly a confused Appalachian.  Steve was saved at age 15, and
has served the Lord in various ways.  After playing football for Marshall
University under Jack Lengyel, Steve taught and coached in public school
while serving the Lord in his local church.  After his call to preach, he
pastored 12 years before joining JEM as Evangelism Outreach Director in
2003 and served until 2013.  In 2013, Dr. Cook launched Jewish Worldwide
Mission Ministries, Inc. (JWMM).

Residing in southern Ohio, Steve travels across the USA and worldwide
conducting evangelistic outreach, preaching prophecy conferences,
mission conferences, revivals, and Bible conferences.  He also conducts
many Jewish Evangelism seminars in Bible colleges worldwide. His travels
have taken him to Ukraine, Israel, Philippines, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic,
England, France, Cuba, Kenya, Tanzania, E. Africa, and  other countries.
Dr. Cook has authored  multiple books, including a commentary on the
Song of Solomon, entitled
The Shulamite and the Shepherd, The Seven
Feasts of the Lord
, The Seven Feasts in the Law of Moses, and several study
booklets that have also been translated into Russian and Spanish.
Steve and Cosie have been married since August 1, 1975.  They have two
daughters, Kelli and Kristen, and three grandsons, Jacob, Benjamin, and
Nathaniel, and two granddaughter - Kaysen Ryan and Mattilyn Rose.

BIRTHDAY:  February 6

Born in southern Ohio, Cosie grew up in a small area of Lawrence County.  
She was saved in her junior year of high school.  After high school, Cosie
attended business college before taking a position at a local hospital.  
Cosie's love for children prompted her to serve in the youth program at her
local church.  When Steve took a senior pastorate, Cosie continued to serve
the Lord working in children's church.  

Cosie's has been a godly influence upon our two daughters, Kelli and
Kristen, and she continues to do the same with our three grandsons, Jacob,
Benjamin, and Nathaniel, and on our two granddaughters, Kaysen and
Mattilyn.  Though afflicted with "lupus" for several years, Cosie was always a
positive attitude.  She was very supportive and instrumental in our work of
reaching out to God's chosen people, the Jews.
Cosie was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myloide Leukemia) on September 26,
2017.  She battled this terrible disease for 9 months, having had a bone
marrow transplant, which was successful.  A biopsy showed that she had no
signs of leukemia cells in her blood.  However, on June 11, 2018, Cosie
developed a bacterial infection that led to MRSA, Sepsis, and her immune
system, having been compromised by her BMT, was unable to fight off the
infection.  Cosie went home to be with our LORD on June 12, 2018.  Though
our hearts are broken, and we miss our Cosie terribly, we have God's promise
that we will one day be reunited in glory!  For that promise, we are eternally
thankful.  We long for the day we will see our LORD and our wife, "the Desire
of Our Eyes" (Ezekiel 24) once again.

BIRTHDAY:  January 14

Kelli was reared in southern Ohio.  She was saved at the age of 5, and
attended church regularly.  After her high school graduation, Kelli studied to
be a radiological technician.  She married Matthew Sloan in 1997, and
worked for a urologist for several years before giving birth to 3 boys. and 1
daughter.  Matt is a nurse anesthetist, and a great father and husband to our
daughter, Kelli.  Kellis teaches Zumba at the YMCA in her spare time.

Kelli and Matt are very faithful and active in their local church, Temple
Baptist Church, in Flatwoods, KY.  Kelli and Matt are very good parents.
Cosie and I are very proud of how they are raising their children in the
nuture and admonition of the Lord.

ANNIVERSARY:  December 6

Kristen was born in Kentucky, but raised in southern Ohio.  She was saved
at age 7 while attending church camp.  Kristen has been reared in church,
and loves to sing, travel, and meet new people.  Kristen earned a degree in
nursing in February 2016, and works for a neurologist in Ashland, KY.  She is
the mother of a daughter - Kaysen Ryan Osborne born January 18, 2012.

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Cosie, Steve, Kristen, & Kelli
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